21 Juil 2024

E-Learning Course Geopolitics of Religions

Why Study the Geopolitics of Religions?

Religions are reemerging in the social, political, and economic spheres, in the context of the current crisis of the nation-state, illustrating the limits of secular institutions and ideologies. The political use of religion in domestic and international politics has become a significant factor as regards power rivalries, considerably affecting contemporary geopolitics in different parts of the world. The manipulation of religious factors to promote various political projects represents an important challenge for the peaceful coexistence of communities within states and considerably affects the evolution of current conflicts between states as well. To understand the complex nature of these conflicts and their potential destabilizing dynamics, it becomes necessary to opt for an interdisciplinary and holistic approach in order to avoid simplistic interpretations. Geopolitical Analysis represents a useful tool in this context, since it takes into account the geographical, political, historical, sociological, cultural, demographic, and economic parameters to decipher the complexity of power rivalries in which religious factors are involved.