28 May 2021

Weekend Executive Seminars on Geopolitics

The Essentials of Geopolitical Analysis

This seminar introduces the main components and methodology of geopolitical analysis and integrates a case study assessment and exercise.

Date: Friday 12 November – Saturday 13 November 2021

Executive Seminar 2

Strategic Foresight and Geopolitical Scenario Building

The principal objective of this Executive Seminar is to introduce the main elements of strategic foresight and to integrate a case study analysis on geopolitical scenario building.

Date: Friday 19 November – Saturday 20 November 2021

Executive Seminar 3

Geostrategy: Means and Practices

The Belt and Road Initiative in an Evolving Geopolitical Context

The principal objective of the first session of this Executive Seminar is to provide an overview on the different means that can be used to achieve geopolitical objectives.  In the second session the main aspects of the Belt and Road Initiative are examined from a geopolitical perspective.

Date: Friday 26 November– Saturday 27 November 2021

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